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It has become imperative for businesses and organisations to be able to adopt a means of making their websites and/or web applications accessible to users on mobile devices such as tablets, handhelds, smartphones, etc. There are obviously today, several ways of implementing this and the choice of the means of implementation could depend on several factors. Today the most obvious ways to present web applications to mobile users are:

  • Building a responsive website
  • Building a separate mobile website
  • Building a mobile template within a website
  • Building a mobile app

Every of the above are suitable and the preference could be down to personal circumstances. We are Cittrex are capable of implementing any of the above. However, it is noteworthy to say that over 90% of the websites we build automatically are built to be responsive, i.e. the website will be able to adapt its structure and display to fit the screen size of the rendering device, be it a fixed or mobile device. Also, it doesn’t matter what the screen size/resolution is, such websites will render appropriately on all devices based on the responsive web technology that has been used. You can read more about responsive web design here.

Having said that, we do also implement the other options available such as building a mobile website, using a mobile template or developing a mobile application. We develop native mobile apps for the following platforms:

  • iPads and iPhones (iOS) using Objective C
  • Andriod Phones (OS2.x) using J2ME
  • Blackberry (RIM) using J2ME
  • Windows Phones (Win 7) using C# and Objective C