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Mobile First Designs

Responsive Web Design for Spire

Spire is an energy and financial consulting company based in London, United Kingdom. We have just recently completed the design of a responsive website for them, as we usually do. The website makes use of our core web development technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, etc. | It is a content-managed website, running on the most […]

Mobile First Designs

Corporate Website for Cittrex

Our team developed the company’s website and we are proud of the work they did. The website provides information about our business and showcases our portfolio as well. We try as much as we can to ensure that it offers the necessary information to our clients and prospective ones as well, in a bid to […]

Mobile First Designs

Corporate Website for SoftSkan Limited

Cittrex developed a corporate website for SoftSkan Limited. We built the website using trendy and up-to-date web standards. The website runs on .NET framework, as it was an opportunity for us to showcase our diversification in developing web apps either on open source technologies or proprietary ones like Microsoft .NET | The website makes good […]

Mobile First Designs

Church Management Software

We developed a web-based church management application for one of our clients. The web application is feature-rich and built with a very elegant and intuitive interface. It is also device-aware and adaptive in nature; being a responsive web interface. | It has been built for use by churches, regardless of its size. Some of the […]

Mobile First Designs

Website Design for RCCG in Bournemouth

We developed a new website for New Beginning Chapel, a RCCG church in Bournemouth, UK. The website is a content-managed one; developed using WordPress. It features different media such as text, images, video, galleries, etc. | The website is responsive in nature (i.e. mobile friendly), rendering very well on different types of devices, either fixed […]

Mobile First Designs

XML and Databases

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language and it is a W3C standard which is primarily used for storing, transporting and sharing data. It is widely used on networks today for these purposes. Because it stores data and the availability of several programming tools to enhance the efficiency of XML, it has drawn so much comparison […]

Mobile First Designs

Building mobile-friendly websites

Mobile Devices have become very vital in accessing and using web applications in the society today. They are being used on a momentary basis for different type of activities. From making online bookings for seminars/conferences while on the way to catching a flight to checking bank statements and carrying out bank transfers, catching up with […]

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